Hiring a professional painting contractor is a wise choice for giving your home a stunning makeover without the hassle of DIY painting. However, even when you’re not handling the brush yourself, there are still preparations that homeowners should do to ensure the painting process goes smoothly. This guide is tailored for homeowners looking to make the most out of their investment by setting the stage for a flawless finish.

Clearing the Room: Enable a Smooth Operation

Protect Your Belongings

Use this opportunity to declutter and organize. Smaller items should be packed away, and valuable or fragile items should be stored in a safe place. This not only protects your items but also provides peace of mind that nothing will get lost or damaged during the painting process.

 Make Way for the Pros

Before the painting team arrives, clearing the room is a critical first step. The crew will handle any furniture that needs to be moved. However, it is all the decor, clothing, and valuables that should be cleared from the area before the project begins.  This not only provides the painters with the necessary space to work efficiently but also protects your cherished belongings from paint drips and splatters.

Wall Cleaning: Ensuring Optimal Paint Adhesion

A Clean Start for the Professionals

A clean wall surface is ideal for the paint’s adherence and beauty. Encourage a hair, dust, and grime-free surface by properly vacuuming, dusty, and/or wiping down your project areas prior to the paint crew’s arrival. For areas with food, grease spots or other stubborn stains, a solution of water and soap can be effective.

A Quick Pro Tip:

Taking time to remove pet hair from not only the project area, but surrounding rooms as well can help ensure a flawless finished product.  Being so light, loose hairs often travel from room to room, gaining the opportunity to land on a freshly painted surface as it dries.

Repairing Wall Damage: How To Help

A Quick Pro Tip:

Before the crew arrives to begin, you should identify any nail or picture mounts that you would like to remain; then just leave them in place on the wall.  If the nail is no longer wanted, then remove it from the wall and the paint crew will take over from there.  The paint crew will fill all empty nail holes found.

Nail Holes of the Past

Is your room that is about to be painted filled with nail holes that need to be filled? While it may be tempting to go and fill these holes yourself before the paint crew arrives, it is advised to allow the skilled painters to do the job.  Their experience often provides better results at a faster pace, at no additional cost.

For larger wall damage, it is beneficial to discuss repair preparations with your painting contractor before they begin.  Identifying the cause of the damage is key to ensuring the damage doesn’t repeat.   Hazards such as excessive settlement and water damage each have their own unique preparations before the wall repair can occur.

Cover Plates and Fixtures: All in the Details

Paying Attention to all Details

Removable fixtures, such as cover plates, vents, and door knobs, will all be taken down by the paint crew to ensure a thorough and uninterrupted paint job.  However, there are limitations to any electrical fixtures that would require handling electrical wiring to remove them.  In these instances, it is recommended to have a licensed electrical contractor remove the fixtures before the project begins.

A Quick Pro Tip:

Most light fixtures have a decorative trim cover plate that can be easily removed without the need to unwire the lighting fixture.  This can be done with ease during the painting process.

A Flawless Product is a Collaborative Effort


While professional painters will take measures to protect your space, homeowners can also play a part by preparing their homes for the project.  These proactive steps can significantly lower the chance of accidents, damages, and time delays.  This is in addition to how that helps achieve that flawless finished product.

Collaboration is Key

As a homeowner, playing an active role in preparing your home for professional painting can significantly impact the success of the project. From clearing the project areas to ensuring those areas are cleaned, these steps not only facilitate a smoother operation for your contractors but also contribute to the enduring beauty of your home’s new look. By following this preparation guide, you’re not just readying your space for a transformation; you’re laying the foundation for a stress-free and satisfying painting experience.

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